How can I receive free shipping service?
If your shipping address is in S. Korea, orders over $70 will be shipped without a fee. (Changes and restrictions may apply according to monthly promotions and 
shipment weight). Orders being sent to MallTail CA center will be charged for an international shipping fee, so please be sure to write the correct address when you place your order.
Why do I have to provide my name and resident number?
RATUU asks for the information due to the following reason. The Korea Customs Service requires the name and resident number for international shipments. 
If the receiver’s name and the resident number do not match, shipping process will be delayed. RATUU promises the safety of your personal information.
If I want to receive my orders in S. Korea, do I have to write my shipping address in Korean?
Yes, if ordering to S. Korea, please enter your shipping address in Korean to avoid any delivery confusions or error.
Do I have to write my own MallTail order statement for international shipping?
No. The system will automatically upload your MallTail order statement within 2 business days. If you have your MallTail ID, please enter it in when you check
out for reward points.
Why is there a limit of $110 and under for my order?
RATUU has limited the purchase for orders going to Korea under $110 because of the Korean Customs Law. You can receive duty free service for all orders 
under 150,000 won (KRW), which is about $110 (USD). By the Customs Law, orders exceeding the amount are charged for additional tax.

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